Please refer to the section titled “Refund and Returns Policy” for a comprehensive overview of our policies regarding refunds and returns.

The policy governing the return and refund of the seller is hereby presented for your perusal.

Please be advised that the option to initiate a return or exchange is available within a 14-day period subsequent to the receipt of the item. Please be advised that our company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee commencing from the date of delivery. Kindly ensure strict compliance with the policy outlined below:

Kindly be advised to send an electronic mail to within a fortnight from the date of package receipt to obtain guidance on the return process. It is imperative that the return be postmarked within a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the item.
It is our policy to decline return requests unless the merchandise has been impaired as a result of an error committed by the seller. In such cases, the items will be substituted subject to availability or the buyer may opt for a reimbursement.
In order to qualify for a return, it is imperative that the item in question remains unopened, is appropriately packaged, and is in an identical state to its original condition at the time of acquisition. Furthermore, it is imperative that the resale value of the item remains unaltered. Furthermore, it is imperative that the item remains in its original packaging.
Please be advised that gifts that have been redeemed are not subject to refund and cannot be exchanged for cash.
It is the buyer’s responsibility to bear all expenses related to the return process.
It is imperative that the purchaser furnish the air bill number and unambiguous photographic evidence of the returned parcel subsequent to dispatch. It is advisable to capture a photograph of the item prior to initiating its return, for the purpose of maintaining a record.
In the event that the recipient is incapable of receiving the consignment within a period of four months, a complete reimbursement shall be granted.

In certain circumstances, it may be the case that only partial reimbursements are granted, if applicable.
The item in question appears to have undergone alterations from its original state, potentially resulting in the absence or impairment of certain components.
It appears that the merchandise in question was returned subsequent to a period of no less than fourteen days following its receipt.

In certain circumstances, it may be the case that the merchant is unable to provide a refund.
It is imperative to note that in the absence of the original packaging and accompanying documentation, the possibility of returns being declined cannot be ruled out.
Please be advised that in the event that the packaging box has been opened or damaged, we regret to inform you that the return shall not be accepted.
It is our understanding that the aforementioned package, which was returned, has been misplaced during the course of its shipment and consequently, the vendor has not taken possession of it.

In the event that a refund is deemed applicable, it shall be granted accordingly.
Upon receipt and review of your return, we shall duly notify you via email of its reception. Furthermore, we shall duly notify you of the acceptance or rejection of your refund request.
Upon the grant of approval, the refund shall be duly processed and a credit shall be automatically issued to the credit card or original mode of payment, within a specific timeframe.

In accordance with our company’s policy, it is hereby stated that in the event that a consumer alters their decision within a fortnight of making a purchase, they are entitled to contact us for a full refund without being subjected to any inquiries.
In the event that the client is unable to procure the aforementioned package within a period of four months, a refund of full amount without any conditions attached shall be duly issued.
As per the terms and conditions of the refund policy, in the event that a consumer requests a refund within a period ranging from 14 days to 4 months, it is duly noted that a sum of $35 shall be retained to cover the costs associated with shipping.

In the event that refunds are delayed or not received, the concerned party may seek legal recourse to address the matter.
Kindly verify the status of your bank account to ascertain whether the refund has been credited thereto.
Please be advised that there is a possibility of a delay in the issuance of your reimbursement.
We advise you to get in touch with your financial institution. It is customary for there to be a period of processing prior to the posting of a refund.
Kindly be advised to send an email to us in the event that you have completed all the aforementioned steps and yet to receive your refund.

If exchanges are deemed appropriate and applicable, they will be duly considered.
Our policy dictates that we solely undertake repairs in the event that the item in question is defective or non-functional.
Please be advised to forward an electronic mail to in the event that you wish to engage in a product exchange for an identical item.

The duration of the replacement merchandise delivery may differ depending on the geographical location of the recipient.
It is hereby stipulated that clients shall incur a solitary charge for shipping costs, encompassing returns. Furthermore, no fee shall be levied for the re-stocking of returned merchandise.

Kindly be advised that by placing an order on this website, you are acknowledging and agreeing to all of its terms and conditions.

Please contact our Customer Service to get the return address and don't return the item to the address listed on our webiste .