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          Want A New Exciting Way To Create Light Designs?

          With the Firefly Bunch Lights, you'll have the freedom to simply pull out of the packageplace and twist onto any surface you want these amazing Firefly Bunch Lights to sit and shine bright on.

          The Firefly Bunch Lights are flexible, bendable enough to be made into any design you desire. The Firefly Bunch Lights comes in a bunch and can be separated, but we recommend keeping them together and dropping them slightly apart to give the amazing effect like below.

          Firefly Bunch Lights

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          PERFECT FOR: The Firefly Bunch Lights are perfect for floral arrangements, tabletop displays, ornamental bushes, potted plants, decorative bottles and so much more, you'll never be short of ideas with our firefly bunch lights.

          DIFFERENT USES: Firefly Bunch Lights can be used for much more than just Christmas lights, they can be used on the porch, patio decor, special events, parties, weddings, and indoor lights. The Firefly Bunch Lights are casual enough to fit into any part of your home.

          WEATHERPROOF: Never worry about your Firefly Bunch Lights being damaged, because the Firefly Bunch Lights are made to withstand all weather situations from rain, hail or shine. The firefly bunch lights are the perfect lights for all occasions.

          FLEXIBLE: The Firefly Bunch Lights are flexible enough to bend and twist in any direction you need to place on any surface such as trees, metal framing, windows and more with our Firefly Bunch Lights.

          Firefly Bunch Lights


          • Material: Copperstringlight
          • LED quantity: 10/20/30LEDS
          • LED view angle: 360°
          • Lenth: 40/80/120 Inches(101.6/203.2/304.8 cm)

          Firefly Bunch Lights

          Package includes:

          • 1 x Firefly Bunch Lights

          Firefly Bunch Lights

          ⭐We recommend buying more than 10 bunches to get better effects and more combinations!

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