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[Hot sale 49% off🔥]Navy Dedicated Flashlight High Lumens Super Bright Waterproof


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          TIPS: Our goods are authentic, with genuine patents, counterfeit must be investigated! Customers, please identify our products!


          【3 Modes & Adjustable Focus】Powerful led flashlight with 3 modes:  High, Low, Flashing, you can switch at will, adapt to different environments of lighting. In addition, the zoomable function is more practical, spotlight for long-range observation and floodlight for large area illumination.



          【Rechargeable Flashlight & Power Display】Conveniently powered for hours with "18650" 2000mAh rechargeable batteries. The Built-in Micro input port, allows you to charge the led flashlight conveniently. In addition, rechargeable flashlights have a power display function, so that you can see the power at a glance.


          ✔️ 3 Modes - High, Low, Strobe

          ✔️ Adjustable zoom  - Illuminate objects from short to long-range

          ✔️ Ultra-powerful - High Lumens P50 LED/ L2 LED

          ✔️ Compact - Easy to carry, fits every pocket


          The Quality of Our Flashlight is Second to None

          Super Bright Wide Beam

          80000 lumens flashlight can effortlessly illuminate two football fields and provides people with dependable and convenient lighting tools.

          Portable and Reliable

          The flashlight is convenient to pack in your car or survival kit. The strode function is a lifesaver when doing roadside repairs or signaling for help.


          How to use and safety notes:

          The (+) side of the battery has to be faced down into the flashlight.

          This is a high brightness flashlight that can get very hot when it is running at the highest level for a long time ... Never leave it alone turned on or on combustible material.



          Material: aluminum alloy

          Color: Black

          Battery Type:  18650 Battery

          Charging Way: USB

          Gear 3: strong light weak light flashing

          Product Size:L2: 15 * 3,1 * 5,1 CM / P50: 15 * 3,6 * 5,6 cm



          Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.